Rights and Payment 



 We hope to revert to our original dream of being a paying market soon — but the bottom line is the money has to come from somewhere. You will, however, receive publication credit for your work and our undying thanks, hugs and kisses. We can provide print copies for the cost of printing and postage to contributors.  This price is currently  £5:50 per copy inclusive for British contributors and £7:50 inclusive per copy for international contributors. Please email for more information. 


By submitting to Quarterday, you warrant that your poetry is your own, original, and previously unpublished work. By submitting to Quarterday, you agree to grant us World Wide First Print Rights, First Serial Rights and Nonexclusive Archival Electronic Rights, so we may continue to archive your work on the website and in the quarterly digital issues. As soon as your work is published in our print edition, the rights revert to you.


If your work is published elsewhere in the future, please acknowledge Quarterday as the first place it appeared. If at any point you wish for your work to be removed from the website, feel free to contact us. We’re only looking for text and still image rights only. You retain your rights to everything else, including performance rights, and we’re happy to provide a text link to a vimeo or youtube film of your performance.