Review: "Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets" by James Nash

Valley Press GBP £8:99

Star Rating: 3.5/5

This volume of sonnets balances form against quiet mood and reflections. Here we see a range of emotion subtly restrained in the British everyday. While the poetry focuses mostly on the ‘little things’ there’s no shortage of humour and charm here—we especially enjoyed the sonnet on bags for life! In places, we felt more attention should have been given to preserving the form of some of the sonnets, which in places departed a little too much from the meter, but Nash demonstrates on every page the dexterity and intimacy he has with the form. Many of these sonnets are engaging and engrossing, and it’s wonderful to see such attention given to a form that’s seen very little movement in the poetry world recently. These poems are beautifully presented, with great attention to the book design, making the volume a real, genuine pleasure to read.

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