Review: "Shining from a Different Firmament: Collected Poems" by Beatriz F. Fernandez

Finishing Line Press USD $12.49

Star Rating: 4/5

Shining from a Different Firmament is an exceptional collection from this award-winning poet. A mixture of open and closed forms, these collected poems speak to the experience of women through the ages, carrying with them a strong mythic element. Fernandez’s poetry is full of wit and surprises, with history, myth and art presented with beautiful, original twists and perspectives. These poems represent a journey that resonates with our common humanity. We especially loved the subtle treatment of classical themes. We felt that for such a wonderful collection of poetry the publisher could have put more effort into the presentation of these verses, with the volume itself having a slapdash feel in terms of book design. However, the soaring beauty of Fernandez’s verse more than compensates for this. A wonderful volume by an inspirational Latina poet.

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